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Tools of Injustice Booklet

As vegans, we know that the animal user industries go to lengths to ensure that the public remain ignorant of certain aspects of their use of other animals and the rights violations they commit.

We may think about slaughterhouses in this respect. Most people who consume animal products will have never seen a house of slaughter.

Likewise, how many are likely to have seen calves routinely taken away from their mothers, calves being dehorned, or bulls being castrated?

How many members of the public would even recognise standard tools which are used against other animals on farms, or could explain their use?

This VIP booklet is designed to educate people about the tools that are regularly used on Irish farms.

DOWNLOAD the PDF booklet here:

Tools of Injustice

VIDEO: Introducing VIP’s New Street Banners!

Some wonderful recent donors have enabled VIP to buy some new banners for our important weekly street outreach events, designed by local activist Steve Cooling.

These latest four banners share a theme: VEGANISM: Before you ask how, ask why! This is to underscore the ethical emphasis of the Vegan Information Project. When people have an ethical reason to do something, that something becomes much easier. Research shows that ethical vegans are the vegans who stay vegan.

There is nothing more important in our struggle against cultural speciesism but to increase the number of ethical vegans in society.

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VIDEO: Tim Barford – Inspirational Vegan Activists in 2017

Many thanks to Tim Barford of VegfestUK who included the Vegan Information Project in a recent video (see below).

Tim talks fondly about two influential members of the animal advocacy movement, Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid, and Professor Tom Regan, the author of The Case for Animal Rights, who both sadly died in 2017.

Tim also talks about a number of “movement issues,” such as appropriation, and reducetarianism.

VIDEO: Vegan Love Baby

As you may know, Facebook now allows groups or pages to have a video banner.

This is the VIP one – you can see it on FB H E R E.


September 2017 Monthly Video Diary

With great pleasure, the Vegan Information Project present our monthly video diary for September 2017.

These diaries show scenes from the VIP’s “Vegan Information Day” events which take place every Thursday in Temple Bar Square, Dublin (10am – 6pm, or 1 – 6pm in the very cold weather).

The Vegan Information Project is an all-volunteer group and, as always, many thanks go to the wonderful volunteers who turn out every week to talk to the public about the justice-for-all vision of vegan philosophy.

Thanks you awesome people!

VIDEOS: Rapid-Fire Reviews of Weekly Info Days

Because we find it so very hard to wait for each monthly video diary, we’ve begun to make very short (less than a minute) reviews of the weekly Vegan Information Day events.

Hope you like them!