The Vegan Information Project (VIP).

Dublin-based Vegan Information Project is dedicated to public information initiatives based on an understanding of the entangled nature of modes of oppression and liberation.


The Vegan Information Project had a busy 2019 – centre stage, as ever, being our Vegan Information Evenings, which are run each week on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays between 4-7pm. We estimate that around 7-8,000 people pass by our location in the three hours so, even if they do not come up for a chat, they are often seen photographing and videoing our roll-up banners. This is especially true of the 5-hour events we do weekly with VEGO (Vegan Education on the go) which is seen by about 13,000 people.
Apart from the street outreach work, we took part in the annual Cork and Dublin Vegfests (the latter being an opportunity to get out our beloved gazebo tents so that we can be outside near to the main arena for the guest talks). We also supported – with Back Into Daylight animal sanctuary and Jennifer Faust Art – a community based vegan event in Belfast which was called the “Face-Free Food Fair.”
VIP’s Roger Yates gave talks on the history of the vegan social movement and/or the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) in Dublin, London, Galway and Co. Clare during the year. We also continued our support of the Earthling Experience Dublin group.
Finally, in the run-up to London Vegfest 2019, Roger Yates wrote a number of blog entries for Vegfest Express about pioneering figures in the vegan animal movement which can be found on the Vegfest Express (on-line magazine) website.


There were more changes for VIP in 2018. The most significant was the loss of our Temple Bar Square location in Dublin city centre. Since 2013, the Temple Bar Cultural Trust made an arrangement with VIP so that we could set up our “Vegan Information Days” there each Thursday. However, the Casual Trading Dept of Dublin City Council took over the management of TBS and they seem to have no understanding of what a not-for-profit organisation such as VIP is! As you see in the 2018 review video below, since we lost TBS, we have used the Bank of Ireland location in Westmoreland Street instead (on Thursdays and often on Fridays too). VIP also attended Cork and Dublin Vegfests, and the Irish Vegan Festival in Belfast in 2018.

We also launched, as a tribute to the leading philosopher in the animal rights movement, an app that allows people to explore the writing of Professor Tom Regan, the author of The Case for Animal Rights. That app can be accessed HERE (and please note that there is an internal link for people using smartphones).


There were a few changed for VIP in 2017. Now both our gazebos are white, as we had to replace the red canopy! Our work in Temple Bar Square continued. We held 50 “Vegan Information Day” events in 2017, many from 10 am to 6pm, which are our extended hours in the good weather months (yes, even in Ireland, don’t laugh). We’ve also continued to support VEGO’s (Vegan Education on the Go) “Vegan Street” weekly outreach events, as well as attending Cork Vegfest (where we gave a brief talk on the VIP’s work), Dublin Vegfest, the Irish Vegan Festival in Belfast, and Vegetarian Day, back in Dublin.

We were extremely pleased to be able to welcome back as our guest vegan performance poet, Dominic Berry, who performed an adult set for us entitled “No Tigers,” and, as Dommy B, a children’s set at Cornucopia Wholefoods Restaurant.


2016 was the Vegan Information Project’s busiest year yet. We are back in Temple Bar Square for the foreseeable future – every Thursday, 1-6pm – with our Vegan Information Day event, which will feature our unique “tea station” in the warmer weather. VIP took part in All We Need Is Love’s 12-hour hour vegan festival, and the 4-week “Culture & Arts Festival” organised by the Icon Factory in association with Dublin City Council and Temple Bar Company. VIP volunteers gave talks at a showing of Cowspiracy, Dublin Vegfest, VegfestUK in Brighton, Bristol, London, and Scotland, and appeared on the Late Lunch with Gerry Kelly of LMFM Radio.

Along with VEGO (Vegan Education on the Go), organised by Declan Bowens, VIP clocked up more than 350 hours of direct-to-the-public vegan education and produced more than 50 video diaries in 2016.


In 2015, into 2016, the Vegan Information Project have teamed up with VEGO (Vegan Education on the Go) for weekly “Vegan Information Days” in Dublin city centre. See this video.


VIP have had a busy 2014 (see video immediately below). We have introduced new features to our ground-breaking gazebo stall events, “Vegan Information Days,” not least a second gazebo! Our stalls have featured in 2014 in three different locations in Dublin city centre, Westmoreland Street, Temple Bar Square, and the top of Grafton Street, and also in Rathmines and Dun Laoghaire.

Check out the changes, and all our activities, in the video…

Our busy 2013 World Vegan Month programme (see 3-minute year review video below) included public educational events, pay-to-view events, media appearances, conferences, a “mini-course” on social movement theory and social movement participation, and workshops on animal ethics and effective animal advocacy.


In 2013, VIP completed a successful 16-week residency in Dublin’s Temple Bar Square (every Wednesday with our “Vegan Information Day” stall, from 11 in the mornings until 7 in the evening, distributing vegan-based literature, handing out free vegan food samples, asking people to watch from a variety of movie clips available, or enjoy a cup of tea at the VIP “tea station,” where they can chat about veganism and animal rights – or just get on with reading their newly-acquired leaflets and booklets. Also, in exchange for donation, we have a range of goods, such as vegan food portions, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and badges. And if people want to know the location of vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants, they can get all the information they need from special maps the VIP produce.)